Kid Friendly Cotton Candy

Today I have some good times and too cheap beverage for you and the children – you need to make this Kid Friendly Cotton Candy Drink formula. Truly… so natural! You just need two fixings, yet we like to hurl in a cherry to make it additional unique for the children.

The same number of you realize I want to observe New Year's Eve with my children. We want to discuss the previous year and all the extraordinary things that have occurred and talk pretty much all that we plan for the following year. This is such a fun child neighborly beverage formula to enable your children to ring in the new year.

Beyond any doubt you can do this for New Year's Eve however any occasion or a Princess gathering would be fun as well! The children simply adore it and to be completely forthright… . the grown-ups do as well.

This is such a fun and happy beverage to make for your children for any extraordinary event. I adore it since you can undoubtedly make one or 20 drinks absent considerably more work. Also the children can make everything all alone as well!

Your children will likewise like these kool help slushies. They taste similarly as yummy as the ones you purchase yet at a small amount of the expense. In addition, it's so advantageous having the capacity to make these flavorful slushies at home.
Kid Friendly Cotton Candy
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  • Rasberry Gingerale
  • Cotton Candy
  • Plastic Champaign glasses (I buy mine on Amazon)
  • Cherry for garnish (optional)


  1. Place one piece of cotton candy in the glass and pour over the ginger ale.
  2. Place a cherry in the glass and serve.
  3. Yes… it is that easy! I warned you that is was crazy easy.

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