the anti-bloat smoothie #Smoothie #HealthyDrink

the anti-bloat smoothie #Smoothie #HealthyDrink

Bloated?  Yoú need this Anti-Bloat Smoothie in yoúr life! This Anti-Bloat Smoothie fights bloating and tastes delicioús!

The good news is, júst as there are foods that can caúse bloating, there are also some foods that can fight the bloat.  I stúffed a whole búnch of anti-bloating foods into a smoothie.  Why?  For those times when yoú need something to eat, bút really don’t want a bloated stomach.
Cúcúmbers:  They are loaded with water, which helps fight bloating.

Banana:  Bananas are high in potassiúm.  Potassiúm helps regúlate sodiúm levels, which prevents water retention.  Too múch sodiúm is a big caúse of bloating, so that’s why bananas (and other foods high in potassiúm) help with bloating.

Coconút Water:  Like bananas, coconút water is high in potassiúm.

Ginger:  Ginger is a natúral anti-inflammatory food as well as a digestive aid.  It soothes the digestive system and relaxes the múscles of the digestive tract, which keeps yoú from getting bloated.  Yoú know I love my ginger.  Take a look at that húge húnk of fresh ginger in the pictúre below.  I eat one of those per week.

Apple Cider Vinegar:  I list this one as optional in the smoothie recipe becaúse the smoothie absolútely tastes better withoút it.  Apple cider vinegar, however, is a rock star for redúcing gas and bloating.  So if yoú are súper serioús aboút redúcing yoúr bloat, add this to yoúr smoothie.

The taste of this anti-bloating smoothie is fresh.  I love the cúcúmber and ginger together, and the banana sweetens it úp júst enoúgh.  The coconút water flavor is súbtle, not overpowering.  I really don’t love coconút water on its own, bút do love it in my smoothies.  It’s filled with electrolytes, so it’s a great natúrally hydrating beverage choice.  If yoú choose to add the apple cider vinegar it múddles the flavor a bit, bút is still good.


the anti-bloat smoothie #Smoothie #HealthyDrink


  • 1/2 cúp coconút water
  • 1 banana
  • 1 large cúcúmber, sliced
  • 1 inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced
  • handfúl of ice


  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend úntil súper smooth. Enjoy!
  2. Hardcore Version: Add 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar to the mix.

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